Small Moments with Big Impact

It’s no secret we’re always bustling at GC, with new activities planned daily for participants from age 6 weeks to 95 years old. However sometimes we hear a story about our program that stops us in our tracks, putting everything in perspective. We recently spoke to Miriam, a mother of one of our adult participants named Catherine. Catherine has a condition which limits her ability to communicate. Miriam told us a heartwarming story of how GC has impacted Catherine’s life, even outside of the center walls.

“Catherine is obviously different and kids get scared of her. We had gone out to Cici’s Pizza and some little boy came up and spoke to Catherine at our table,” Miriam explained. While this may not sound like anything out of the ordinary, the unfortunate reality is that for Catherine, it is. “I’ve been at Wal-Mart before and seen little ones who are scared to death of her. But he said he got to know her through Generations Crossing. It just brought tears to my eyes. She was just so happy. For someone at that age to come up and speak to her and not be scared, is so special and melted my heart.”

It’s special moments like these that remind us why intergenerational care is so important, and why we truly cherish what we do. One of our greatest hopes is that by teaching children alongside adults, they grow to not only accept diversity, but to welcome it. This little boy may not know the incredible impact he made on Catherine and her family just from a simple hello, but its small moments like these that make huge strides towards our mission. As Catherine’s mother noted, “They’re teaching something here that kids elsewhere aren’t getting.” We are so touched to see our GC family be trendsetters of kindness, equality, and compassion.