One of Our Finest

Generations Crossing has come a very long way since it opened in 2002. It all started in the basement of Parkview Mennonite Church with two nurses, one of them being Jeanne Troyer who we’re still fortunate to have on staff. Jeanne has transitioned with Generations Crossing through all of its changes; she sees her job more as a privilege rather than a task.

The ability to make a difference in peoples lives and to impact positively is what motivates Jeanne. Making a difference is essential yet can be very “simple.” For the adult participants, the staff uses interaction and stimulation to reduce uneasiness. Even if participants do not want to interact, they are able to relax and feel comfortable. Ultimately, it is all about providing a calm atmosphere for everyone involved. This helps the participants but also the caregiver because they are at ease knowing that their loved one is safe while receiving high quality care.

“In the last month or two, I was sitting with some of our adult women participants. They were looking at me and smiling, this gave me such an indescribable feeling of how important it is to have strong bonds. The feeling was something you cannot put an equation to, you must feel it with your heart. No matter the age or condition, we all have the same needs and the same things are important to us.”

Generations Crossing creates a ripple effect for the entire community. The caregiver can bring their loved one here in confidence and have total peace of mind. The participant is getting socialization and cognitive stimulation in a safe environment which allows them to stay with the family and in the community longer. The uniqueness of our intergenerational program also allows the lives of the adults and children to enrich each other. It is clear that Generations Crossing is a special place for many people. Luckily, that stems from the wonderful staff, including Jeanne Troyer.