Our Longest-Running Family

Generations Crossing is fortunate enough to consider everyone here an extended family. And perhaps no one represents this quite as well as the Howard clan, who have been with us since opening the childcare program in January 2009. April and Ron Howard enrolled their two-year-old daughter, Ally, in Generations Crossing before the new building had even opened its doors, becoming an integral part of getting our program underway. April says she believed in the vision Generations Crossing had, and decided to take a leap of faith. Now, six years later, the Howard family has been with us every step of the way. Ally is now eight years old and attends the after-school and summer programs, and their newest family addition, Ty, has moved his way up to the four-year-old room.

Having been with GC since the very beginning, April has a truly unique perspective of seeing how we have grown and changed throughout the years. She says the most noticeable changes in the center involve increased communication for parents. April expressed how she most appreciates knowing she can come to the classroom teachers or office staff with any questions, and her concerns will be met with feedback immediately. Between parent-teacher conferences, the monthly newsletter, and our active Facebook page, there are always avenues to remain engaged with what’s happening day-to-day with the kids. She loves seeing the pictures on social media of different events and connecting that to the stories her children bring home, like when Ty walks in wearing his groundhog hat from the Groundhog Gala, or when Ally shows off the moves she learned in dance lessons during the summer.

Another thing April has been delighted to see increase over the years is the fun intergenerational activities. Activities between the adults and kids occur every day now, and she says her kids come home and tell her about them often. As an educator, April knows firsthand how this is an opportunity that most children in public schools don’t get a chance to experience. She says she knows her kids love it, and as a parent has the peace of mind in knowing they’re learning an important lesson at a crucial age.

Whether its Ron and April networking with other parents at our fundraising events, Ally getting social time with her friends she doesn’t get to see at school, or Ty grooving to the music in the adult room, we love seeing all the different parts of Generations Crossing come together to create lasting memories. After all, we’re family.