Board of Directors

A volunteer Board of Directors, consisting of community leaders, governs Generations Crossing; Members of the Board are listed below.

Board of Directors 2018
Mark Angel Associate Controller, JMU
Matt Beahm Commercial Relationship Manager, F&M Bank
Rick Chandler Rockingham County Board of Supervisors
Marie Dickenson Material Management Manager, Sentara RMH
Tracy Evans Partner, Evans Oliver Law Group, PLC
Dan Finseth Professor, Bridgewater College
Sarah Hagan Vice President, Village, Bridgewater Retirement Community
Barbara Kleist Administrative Assistant/Park Place, VMRC
Leigh-Anne Lees Community Relations Manager, VPAS
Sharon Lovell Dean, College of Health and Behavioral Studies, JMU
Josh Lyons Executive Director, Sunnyside Retirement Community
Suzanne Obenshain Retired Nursing Home Administrator
Betsy Thorpe Assistant Administrator/Guide, VMRC
Nancy Wayland Marketing Specialist, Sunnyside Retirement Community
Kyle Yeager Division of University Advancement, JMU